Buy the right litter box: from standard to luxury

The right litter box is one of the most important parts of cat equipment. If something is wrong here, your room tiger will do its business elsewhere, which creates a tense relationship between humans and animals. We have put together a small selection of litter boxes - from the standard version to the luxury version. Buy the right litter box? The selection is large - Image: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Cat toilets are available in all colors, sizes and equipment options. From the simple open plastic shell to closed versions with hood and flap to the luxury model with integrated odor remover. As diverse as the litter box models are, the price range is also wide. In the end, it is particularly important that your cat feels comfortable in it. Therefore, you should above all make sure that the quiet place offers enough space. If you have several cats, you should also set up more than one litter box. Perhaps one of these models that you can buy in online mail order.

Inexpensive classics: litter box with hood

Flamingo litter box Dixy Hawai

This litter box is available in the colors kiwi, pink and light blue. The plastic hood with swing door gives your room tiger enough privacy. But not every cat likes closed toilets, which is why the door can also be removed. A carbon filter in the ventilation should keep annoying smells within limits.

Nobby cat litter box with filter

This litter box is also supplied with a removable hood with a transparent flap. There is also a litter scoop for cleaning. The material is particularly durable and the color anthracite actually fits in every household.

Practical litter boxes

Europet-Bernina corner toilet with roof

If you lack space, this litter box can be conveniently placed in the corner thanks to its triangular shape. At the same time, it offers a lot of space for your room tiger. The flap is removable and a carbon filter absorbs unpleasant smells.

Stefanplast litter box with cleaning strainer

This four-part litter box is characterized by a practical cleaning principle: you can now put the shovel aside. Simply take out the strainer, dispose of the remains in the trash can. Pour the litter once - and you're done!

Luxury models for the cat shop

ModKat litter box black

The ModKat litter box is a real eye-catcher. And it also has a lot to offer for the cat: the entrance is at the top, so that your house tiger can go about his business completely undisturbed and can not scrape out litter. The lid catches the remaining litter from the paws. However, the luxury is also reflected in the price.

Oster Bionaire litter box with odor remover

This litter box even works electrically - at least its odor remover. So just the thing for sensitive noses. The fan can be switched on and off as required, the filter then absorbs the smells. Thanks to the removable hood, the litter box is still easy to clean.

You can find an even larger selection of litter boxes here.

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