Holidays with dogs: nice destinations in Europe

The holiday season is officially open! If you have a four-legged friend, you are often looking for nice destinations for a vacation with your dog. These popular travel destinations in Europe are particularly suitable for a vacation on four paws. If you want to go on vacation with your dog, you don't have to travel far to the most beautiful destinations - Image: Shutterstock / S Curtis

If you want to plan your four-legged friend for your summer vacation, air travel is often not the right thing. But there are also many beautiful destinations nearby, which you can easily reach by car. In Europe there are beautiful places for vacation with dogs in France, Italy and Austria. Whether you prefer the beach or the mountains - there is something for every taste.

Holidays with dogs: tips for France

France is a popular travel destination for dog owners. Our neighboring country is easily accessible by car or train. Especially on the North Atlantic coast, the climate is very suitable for a vacation with your dog. There the four-legged friend can romp on the beach, the wind ensures pleasant temperatures and reduces the chances of a heat stroke.

English bulldog: puppy on a trip into the countryside

Destinations in Europe: Italy and Austria

It is usually a bit warmer in Italy than in France. But there are also many destinations there that make a holiday with a dog a pleasure for the whole family. For example, dog-friendly campsites are a nice idea. Your four-legged friend can move freely there. If you don't want to do without swimming fun with your dog, you should consider a trip to the north-east of Italy. In Lido di Dante in Ravenna, for example, there is a dog beach where the four-legged friends can let off steam.

If you don't feel like a beach holiday with your dog, you can also go to Austria. For active four-legged friends - and masters - a hiking holiday in the mountains could be the right thing.